Franklin River Rafting

The Franklin River is one of the last truly wild rivers on Earth; a complex system of breathtaking scenery, powerful energy and moments of utter tranquillity, threading its way through Tasmania’s unique World Heritage Area. There are few environments in the world as ancient, untouched or majestic as the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

In the last weeks, several directors started to speak up and share their thoughts about the film industry and the future of films. It started with Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema address and how cinema is now ‘under assault by movie studios.’ It conti

Having finished the season 2012/13 we thought we would post some of the great images that were taken during the summer. Starting with the first trip in October, great water levels and with a close group of friends.

Images by - Wolfgang Glowacki

What a great track, thanks to the folks that fought for this place when I was still in nappies.

The Beloved Beast - El Troopy.

Without a doubt the best car ever made the mighty Toyota HJ47

Highlights from the season 2012/13

A small film from our rafting season this summer gone. What a lovely summer it was great water levels and a bunch of fantastic people that joined us on the great adventure that is the Franklin River.